The first step in finding the right treatment is locating the source of the problem. During your initial visit, the affected areas will be examined and the next steps will be determined. Depending on your case, a Doppler Duplex Ultrasound Scan might be necessary, and a separate appointment will be scheduled. This ultrasound provides a visual window, revealing the diseased, refluxing veins beneath the skin’s surface. With this diagnostic capability, the Institute can pinpoint the exact cause of varicose veins and customize a treatment plan for each individual patient – and each damaged vein. And because the problem is dealt with at its source, the treatments are quicker, more effective and less painful than traditional methods.

Also during the consultation, one of our nurses will walk through the treatment plan with you to provide an estimated number of treatments and associated costs as well as answer any questions you may have.

Download Forms

If you wish to save time at your first visit, we’ve made many of our forms available online. Simply print out these forms and bring a completed copy to your appointment.
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