Tips on How to Feel Good This Holiday Season, Inside and Out!

The holiday season is considered to be the best part of the year. During this time, we engage in non-stop festivities such as shopping, traveling, parties, and of course over-indulging!

For most people, these activities are nothing but joyous fun. But for those who are living with varicose veins- often they are not so blissful. Many of the events that take place during the holidays require prolonged sitting and standing. This can be quite painful for someone with varicose veins, as it can result in swelling, throbbing, and numbness in the legs.

In order to care for others this holiday season, you must first care for yourself. There are preventive techniques you can do to help avoid experiencing these unpleasant effects in your legs. By being proactive with your vein health, you can finally get back to enjoying “the most wonderful time of the year!”

Rock Those Compression Socks
There is no excuse to not wear your compression garments all winter long. Whether you are shopping or holiday baking, they will greatly reduce the swelling in your legs which occurs with spending so much time on your feet. In addition, be sure to wear them on all of your trips to visit relatives. By helping you avoid swollen ankles, they will quickly become your new favorite traveling companion.

Also, did you hear? Compression garments are now considered to be a fashionable accessory. No more not making it to midnight on New Year’s Eve! Why not create the perfect party outfit by adding a little color and flare with compression leggings. They come in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to express yourself all while keeping your legs comfortable.

Put Those Feet Up
As women, we can be notorious for not stopping to take a break. Especially during this time of year when there is just so much to do! But when you have varicose veins, not stopping to put your feet up will only lead to painful symptoms occurring in your legs.

It is imperative that you make time each and every day- throughout the day, to elevate your legs. For those who have a difficult time not staying busy, there are countless seasonal activities you can do to accompany this technique. Some ideas are creating a memorable scrap book, sharing a cup of coffee with an old friend, or even knitting your daughter a new scarf.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Fresh Air
In our neck of the woods, the weather isn’t quite “so frightful.” In fact, it is absolutely beautiful! This is the perfect time of year to be outside and enjoying it.

To promote positive vein health, it is recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Complete this by going on walks around your town. Keep it interesting by switching up your scenery and company. Loop around the park with your grandbaby in a stroller, take an out of town visitor on a desert path, or simply listen to music as you stroll through your neighborhood.

By exercising daily, not only will your body feel good- but your mind as well! Exercising is a great way to feel peaceful and rejuvenated inside, which can help make you a happier you!

The Balance of Healthy Eating
We all know the importance of eating healthy, but during this time of year the temptations can make it extremely difficult to stay on track. The feasts, the desserts, the cookie batter just begging to be licked from the spoon…it takes a lot of willpower to not indulge in it ALL!

It's just as in many other avenues in life, it really comes down to a healthy balance. There is no saying that you must steer away from all of these treats completely, but it is essential that you enjoy them in moderation.

In addition, be sure to adopt a nutritious diet into your regular everyday life. This will make the pleasurable delicacies of the holidays less effective on your waistline. In return, this will also be beneficial to your vein health!

Give Yourself the Gift of Treatment
For all that you do for everyone else- why not do something nice for yourself. At the Morrison Vein Institute we offer many innovative and effective treatments to help improve blood circulation and the look of unsightly veins. By coming in for a visit, we can help you get on a road to feeling better, inside and out!

Join us in our v-Free campaign, and help us spread awareness regarding the dangers of vein disease. Grab all of your loved ones this holiday season, and come in for a #vFree checkup.

Happy Holidays from All of Us at Morrison Vein!


Exercise and varicose veins: What's to know?
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